Sector for management of public investment program projects - Federal Geodetic Administration

Sector for management of public investment program projects

Sector for management of public investment program projects performs the following tasks and duties


-          participates in the preparation of laws and by-laws of the jurisdiction of the Sector,

-          prepares drafts of three-year and annual work programs within the jurisdiction of the Sector;

-          prepares analysis, reports, expert instructions, opinions and explanations of regulations within the jurisdiction of the Sector;

-          gives proposals for the submission of appropriate measures and preparation of information for the Government of FBiH in the areas for which the Sector is responsible;

-          coordination in the identification, formulation and determination of priority projects in the field of public investment programs;

-          participates in the process of preparation and development of public investment programs, and submit priority projects to the Ministry of Finance, in order to prepare the PIP (Public Investment Program);

-          performs project candidacy and updates data of project in implementation through the PIMIS information system;

-          carry out the implementation of Public Investment Program projects that are approved by the Government of the Federation of BiH;

-          executes project implementation activities, in accordance with the internal organization and competencies;

-          executes monitoring and reporting on the implementation of ongoing projects;

-          ensures the engagement of a certain number of experts with specific knowledge and competencies that the Sector does not have;

-          Establishes the SDI Geoportal of the FBiH, control its performance and collects data for the FBiH SDI metadata catalogue in accordance with the Regulation on the FBiH Spatial Data Infrastructure;

-          maintains a public metadata service and provides entities and users with connection to other services included in the FBiH SDI;

-          ensures the retrieval, access and use of SDI FBiH spatial data;

-          regulates and coordinates the establishment of retrieval services, reviews, transformation, downloads, connectivity and other SDI FBiH services in accordance with the Regulation on Spatial Data Infrastructure FBiH;

-          overview and supervision of domestic and international norms realization regarding the exchange and standardization of the spatial data;

-          develops and maintains the official SDI FBiH web site;

-          supports and coordinates the performance of activities related to international cooperation within the Administration competence;

-          participates in the preparation and realization of international agreements within the Administration competence;

-          supports the preparation of bilateral and international cooperation, project implementation and exchange of information within the Administration competence;

-          performs tasks of preparation, coordination and support of implementation and monitoring of international and regional projects, in cooperation with other sectors involved in project implementation;

-          Supports and coordinates cooperation between the Administration and international organizations and associations.