SDI FBIH - Federal Geodetic Administration


The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be defined as a product of interconnected spatial data bases, as well as a process of creating assumptions for spatial data management.

In general, Spatial Data Infrastructure consists of a set of fundamental technologies, policies, and institutional arrangements who enable availability of spatial data.

In addition to the term Spatial Data Infrastructure in European countries it is also used the term geoinformation infrastructure (GII). There are many definitions of what a Spatial Data Infrastructure really is. The Spatial Data Infrastructure enable spatial data search, their assessment and application on all social levels: state Administration, commercial sector, uncommercial sector and public.

The Stabilization and Association Agreement between European Union and Bosnia and Herzegovina has been signed in Year 2008, and one of the Agreement objectives is providing EU guidance to the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina through partnerships concerning reform priorities in the harmonization of regulations (including the INSPIRE directive).

According to the Establishment and Maintenance Strategy of Spatial Data Infrastructure of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has been defined mission, vision and SDI FBiH objectives. The basic objectives has been shown, while the implementation goals, as well as short-terms, medium-terms and long-terms goals you can find in the Strategy.


Mission: Define and build legislative framework, bodies, tools and other preconditions for the SDI FBiH establishment.

Vision: The SDI FBiH establishment will enable necessary preconditions for efficient collecting, processing, standardization and using of geo data, which will be shown by implementation examples at all levels of entities and users.

Basic objective 1: Establishment of the spatial data service and organizing the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Basic objective 2: Enabling to the SDI FBiH user simple, efficient and quick access to the spatial data

Basic objective 3: Improvement the basics of good governance

Basic objective 4: Supporting the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Basic objective 5: Providing the basic spatial data for support the user needs and the EU requirements