WORLD BANK MISSION - Federal Geodetic Administration

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25.10.2021 12:28

Representatives of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs and representatives of the World Bank held meeting within the World Bank's mission in Sarajevo on 25 October 2021. Main topic of the mission was extension of the Real Estate Registration Project- Additional Financing.

A joint meeting of World Bank representatives with representatives of the Federal Ministry of Finance and representatives of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs was also held within this mission.

During the meetings were discussed the circumstances and extension of the project after 31 July 2022, which is the currently defined completion of the project. Previously the institutions responsible for the project implementation submitted a request for additional 24 months, and request was based on the need for implementation of all planned activities,requests received from project beneficiaries, and late declaration of project effectiveness.

At the end of the mission, it was stated that all activities are implemented in accordance with the planned dynamics and expressed satisfaction that for the main project activities were implemented public procurement in accordance with the 2021 agreed plan. The representatives of the World Bank gave support to the Federal Geodetic Administration in further realization of strategic goals of which the harmonization between cadastral and land registry data was recognized as a priority activity.

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