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Workshops on Subcomponent 5.1. "Development of a Adress register"

07.04.2014 14:05

The Workshop took place in Banja Luka, for a period 01-03.04.2014. The Workshop is realized within Component 5 "Improving business processes of land administration," precisely within the subcomponent "Development of Address register".

The aim of the Workshop was preparation for Seminar on the Address register and Plan of following activities to be implemented under the Operational Plan of 2014.

After the Seminar, members of the workgroup have shown great motivation and willingness for implementation of activities under this subcomponent. In this sense, Plan of followinng activities to be implemented by the end of 2014 is defined. The successful start of a pilot project in the municipality Čitluk and study trip to Sweden are discussed. For better realization of study trip Workgroup gave their suggestions, regarding topics of great importance for the pilot project first phase implementation, to experts from Sweden.

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