Workshop: Follow up implementation and support for further development of Sales Price Register - Federal Geodetic Administration

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Workshop: Follow up implementation and support for further development of Sales Price Register

27.10.2019 21:14

In accordance with CILAP project planned activities during a period October 21 -25, 2019 the workshop within the Component 3: Support to the development of the Sales Price Register was held in Mostar.

Ms. Marija Rašković, an expert from Serbia and Mr. Söderblom Hans, an expert from Sweden led the workshop related to this topic. The workshop was attended by representatives of CILAP working groups from the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs and the Republic Authority for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska.

The task for this workshop was that the workgroup continues until the end of this phase to make more movements in gaining competence by making further and deeper analyses with collected data. The focus should remain on the residential market as there are still influences left by various factors to study.

The first part of the workshop started with presentations of residential market analyses executed by working groups. The working groups carried out more detailed analyses to create a more stable market sample by time-adjustments of price. Also, the working group worked on market zoning of apartments. The expert's opinion is that the working group showed a better understanding of the real estate market and showed market thinking.

The workshop was the last workshop of the second CILAP phase of the project and therefore the project extension phase, activities that need to be undertaken to prepare for the pilot project of a mass valuation and development of study for future activities were discussed. The experts presented the requirements that are necessary for the selection of the pilot location and the activities that they believe should be carried out in order to prepare and realize the pilot project itself. The working groups subsequently determined which area would be the pilot area.

By the end of the year, the working groups will prepare a ToR for the pilot project and also work on analyses of the area itself to prepare for the pilot.

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