The thirteenth session of the Working Party on Land Administration – WPLA - Federal Geodetic Administration

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The thirteenth session of the Working Party on Land Administration – WPLA

05.04.2023 16:19

The thirteenth session of the Working Party on Land Administration – WPLA

The thirteenth session of the Working Party on Land Administration was held in Geneva, Switzerland on April 4-5, 2023. Presentations were held on ecosystems and land administration security, megatrends faced by governments in the ECE region and beyond, building on the studies "Digital transformation and land management - Sustainable practices" from the UNECE region "and "Scenario study on future land administration in UNECE region".

Delegates also discussed the land administration transformation to meet these challenges, including the necessary actions for land management authorities to increase their contribution in achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the New Urban Agenda (NUA). The overall goals of the Working Party are the promotion and improvement of land administration and land management in the UNECE region so as to adequately respond to a changing environment and emerging needs and contribute to Agenda 2030. The Working Party aims at supporting security of tenure, improving and creating more effective land and cadastre registries, a widened usage of geospatial data and promoting sustainable land use policies.

In particular, the Working Party is responsible for:

  • Develops methods to strengthen and modernize land administration systems, aligned with global megatrends, new expectations and the shift towards collaborative digital business ecosystems


  • Contributes to the formulation, implementation and monitoring of land policy and the promotion of holistic and sustainable land administration initiatives
  • Supports improvements for the acquisition, registration, storage, maintenance and dissemination of information on real property rights as well as value, use and geospatial characteristics of land                                                    
  • Brings together an effective network of land administration officials and facilitates strengthened collaboration among the 56 UNECE member States.
    The activities of the Working Party are based on cooperation and the exchanges of experiences and best practices among countries of the region.

This is done through:

  • Seminars and workshops organized in member States Land administration reviews
  • Participation in the development of country profiles on the housing sector organized by the Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management
    Publication of studies and guidelines on specific land administration and land management topics
  • Benchmarking and preparation of inventories of land administration systems in the UNECE region
  • Provision of policy advice and expert assistance

The representative of the Federal Geodetic Administration at the meeting was the assistant director, Mr. Denis Tabučić.

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