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The thirteenth session of the FBiH Spatial data infrastructure council

07.12.2018 11:16

The thirteenth session of the FBiH Spatial Data infrastructure Council was held in Sarajevo on 5 December 2018. At this session Council members discussed the following agenda items:

  1. Adoption of the minutes from XII session of the SDI FBiH Council;
  2. Adoption of the Work Report of SDI FBiH for 2018;
  3. Working group for communication and capacity building;
  4. Register of subjects and Spatial data source register
  5. Current issues

This session was attended by Council members of the competent institutions, as determined by the FBiH Government decision.

On the beginning of the council the Work report of SDI FBiH for 2018 was presented, and after the discussion it was concluded that the report will be adopted and referred to the FBiH Government after a more detailed description by the Council Working Groups.

Mr. Nedžad Pašalić, President of the Working Group for communication and SDI FBiH capacity building informed Council members about past activities of the Working Group, and about held workshops and results.

The Decision on Appointment the Fourth Working Group of SDI FBiH was adopted in accordance with the Strategy on Establishment and Implementation of the SDI FBiH and the Three-Year Plan of the SDI Council - Working Group for the SDI Business Model of SDI FBiH.

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