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19.10.2022 08:24

The thirty first session of the Spatial Data of the Federation of BiH Council (SDI FBiH Council) was held in the premises of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs on October 18, 2022. The members of the Council participated in the session in accordance with the Decision of the Government of the Federation of BiH.

At the session, the Council have discussed:

  1. Determining the Agenda of the 31st session of the SDI FBiH Council;
  2. Approval of the Minutes from the previous 30th session of the SDI FBiH Council;
  3. Implementation of activities for the establishment of the SDI according to the Work Plan for 2022:
    1. improvements of SDI registers,
    2. education with SDI stakeholders and involvement of them,
  4. Development of the updated strategic document IPP FBiH:
    1. questionnaire for SDI stakeholders-results,
    2. Analysis of the current situation - draft,
  5. Information about the planned conference SDI days in Federation of BiH;
  6. Information on the held XIV Regional Conference on Cadastre and Spatial Data Infrastructure;
  7. Information on the held Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)
  8. Other topics;

The Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs, as the Coordinating Body of the SDI FBiH, worked intensively on the implementation of the activities of the adopted Work Plan on the establishment, maintenance and development of the SDI FBiH for Year 2022. The activities related to establishment of cooperation and the inclusion of stakeholders in the SDI carried out in the previous period were presented to the members of the Council.

Four workshops organized by the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Legal Affairs were held, related to capacity building in the area of ​​spatial data infrastructure. During the workshop, the entry of data into the IPP Register was presented as the first step of the inclusion of stakeholders in the SDI. During the workshop, priorities and next steps in achieving cooperation between stakeholders with the Coordinating body were agreed upon. 105 institutions were invited to the workshops, of which 95 people from 69 institutions attended.

In addition, it is planned to hold a Conference "SDI days" in Federation BiH on November 17 and 18, 2022 in Neum in Hotel „Marea“, and most of the funds needed for the realization of the event will be provided by the Real Estate Registration Project and Education Plan for Year 2022.

The main goal of the Conference is to raise awareness among SDI stakeholders, public, private and academic sectors about the benefits of SDI and the use of very valuable sets of spatial data. International participation of representatives from the Kingdom of Sweden, the Netherlands, Croatia and other countries from the Western Balkan region is expected.

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