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The fourteenth session of the FBiH Spatial data infrastructure council

19.04.2019 11:39

The fourteenth session of the FBiH Spatial Data infrastructure Council was held in Sarajevo on 18 April 2019. At this session Council members discussed the following agenda items:


  1. Adoption of the minutes from XIII Session of the SDI FBiH Council;
  2. Working Group for Communication and Capacity Building
  3. Working Group for Business Model
  4. Working Group for Technical Standards
  5. Working Group for Institutional and Legal Issues
  6. Register of Entities and Spatial Data Source Register
  7. Current issues


This session was attended by Council members of the competent institutions, as determined by the FBiH Government decision.

Considering that the new Working Groups of SDI FBiH established, representatives of all three Working Groups presented their previous work and experiences regarding communication with subjects. The Work Plan for upcoming period was also presented, and it is particularly emphasized the mutual cooperation between the Working Groups, all in order to provide better approach to the entities and encouraging entities to network and sharing data.

The President of the Council, Mr. Željko Obradović, proposed that all Working Groups prepare a draft of Three-year Work Plan, which will be used when drafting the Three-year Work Plan of the SDI FBiH Council. The Working Groups should submit the first draft within 60 days when a new Council session is scheduled.

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