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The final meeting of the regional cooperation donor project

18.11.2022 20:53

The final meeting within the regional cooperation donor project was held in the premises of the Norwegian Administration for Cadastre and Mapping in Oslo, Norway. Representatives of geodetic and property affairs administrations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Slovenia took part in the meeting.

Through the project, regional cooperation in the field of geodetic measurements and the determination of high-precision geoids for the countries of the Western Balkan region is being improved. The project also supported the exchange of knowledge and experiences of regional geodetic authorities and experts from the Norwegian Cadastre and Mapping Authority. As part of the project, works on a detailed gravimetric survey in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were financed.

In recent years, the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs has been actively working on the calculation and establishment of geoids for the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The stabilization of the new leveling network was completed, a spatial reference system was established, a gravimetric reference system was established, and leveling measurements were carried out.

As part of the final meeting, Norwegian experts presented works and activities on the establishment and maintenance (improvement) of the geoid, as well as the way of cooperation of all Scandinavian countries in the field of geodesy and geoid determination. In addition, a geoid calculation course was held, where Norwegian experts presented in detail all the steps required for geoid calculation.

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