Study visit to Lantmäteriet - Lantmäteriet’s experiences in mass valuation - Federal Geodetic Administration

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Study visit to Lantmäteriet - Lantmäteriet’s experiences in mass valuation

07.09.2018 10:08

Within the project "Capacity Building for Improvement of Land administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina" a study visit to Lantmäteriet (Swedish mapping, cadastre and land registration authority) was organized during period 3-7 September 2018.

The visit was attended by representatives of CILAP working groups from the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs and the Republic Authority for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska.

During the visit through the presentations, examples and trainings participants were acquainted with the role of Lantmäteriet and land administration in Sweden, assessment of Real Property in Sweden (main principles of the Swedish System of Mass Valuation and Mass Appraisal, Legislation/Framework), the Swedish integrated real property information system, IT- and GIS-system used for Mass Valuation (Sales Price Register, process/IT-System of verification of transactions), Single and Mass Valuation of a Single-Family House, System for Test Valuation of Houses.

In addition to the representatives of Lantmäteriet, participants had the opportunity to meet with all stakeholders in the process of mass valuation of real estates in Sweden. Mrs. Malin Kvist, representative of the Tax Administration of Sweden, presented the role of the institution and the way of taxation of real estate and Mr. Peter Möller, representative of company Svefa, presented the role of private valuation companies and how they use data from Sales Price Register and mass valuation.

Trainings gave the basis for understanding of information needed for single-family houses (Valuation Model, Valuation factors for Land, Valuation factors for Buildings) and information needed for agricultural and forest land (Valuation Model, Valuation factors for Agricultural land, Valuation factors for Forest land, Valuation factors for Farmers House, Valuation Factors for Farm Buildings). After the theoretical part, a practical excursion was organized - insights into the local real estate markets for different real estates and values in the central part of Gävle.

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