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Setting up the first house number in the Municipality of Posusje

13.11.2019 09:05

On November 11th, 2019 by placing of a tile with house number 30 on the building of the Municipality, symbolically marked the beginning of the marking for the area of Municipality Posusje. Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Branko Bago welcomed the attendees with a brief overview of the results achieved so far. The importance of the organized and systematic marking of all buildings in the Municipality, as well as the establishment of an electronic database was highlighted. Also, the importance and need of the society for implementation of Address Register for citizens and public services were emphasized, procedures for establishing an Address register was described, as well as the results and challenges that will be forthcoming.

The importance of implementing the harmonization of cadaster and land registry data Federation of BiH within RERP Project, as well as the activities of the Sales Price Register and the Digital Archive within the CILAP project, was also emphasized. On the topic of activities in RERP Project, possibilities for accelerating ongoing activities were analyzed. All these projects are aimed at creating quality frameworks for improving the living and business systems in Posusje, concluded the Mayor.

The tile was discovered by the Director of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, Mr. Zeljko Obradovic, and Mayor of the municipality, Mr. Branko Bago. Over the next period there will be around 6000 plates with street names and house numbers on objects subjected to numbering.

In the previous years, Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs with CILAP project (Capacity Building for Improving Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina), and through financing activities from the budget of the Federation of BiH and joint financing with county and local level administrative organizations initiated the establishment, maintenance and distribution of address data in the Federation of BiH.

Based on the signed Cooperation Agreements, local self-government units give the authorities and rights to the Federal Administration to make public presentation of the Address Register data through the Federal Geoportal, since there is no legal regulation in the Federation of BiH to regulate this area. The data of 20 local self-government units are being prepared for publication on the Geoportal, including the address data of the municipality of Posusje, and it is expected that the remaining local self-government units in 2020 will approach the same model of cooperation.

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