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Seminar in Zenica-Doboj Canton

10.05.2018 08:55

The seminar on the topic: "Projects of land administration in Zenica-Doboj Canton - experiences, benefits and future activities" was held on 9 May 2018.The main objectives of the seminar were familiarization of representatives of local self-government units from the mentioned Canton with the Address Register establishment, as well as the presentation of the Sales Price Register and Digital archive.

CILAP project Director Mrs. Anđa Zimić welcomed all attendees and opened the seminar. In the introductory part, current activities and projects as well as the upcoming planned activities of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs were presented by Mr. Denis Tabučić, CILAP project coordinator.

The working part of the seminar started with the presentation of Mrs. Željka Kolobarić, coordinator of the working group for the Address Register establishment in Federation of BiH which introduced the overview of current situation related to Address Register in Federation of BiH, procedures for establishment of the Address Register in local self-government units of Zenica-Doboj Canton, results and challenges that arise during the next phase, as well as the examples of establishment in other local self-government units. The importance of close cooperation with The Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IDDEEA) has also been presented. From IDDEEA's side, it was concluded that with establishment of Address Register, the number of fictitious applications would be reduced, greater control of permanent or temporary residence would be achieved, the address without numbers would become a past and as final result we would have a high level of compliance and accuracy of the codebook, administrative units and streets.

After the presentation regarding the Address register, the Sales Price Register in Federation of BiH was presented. All related to Sales Price Register - application, cooperation, results of current implementation were presented by Mrs. Jelena Zelić, coordinator of the working group responsible for this issued in Federation of BiH. This project gives a great opportunity to provide relevant market information to participants in the real estate market.

A part of the seminar based on the development of the Digital Archive system in the Federation of BiH was presented by Mrs. Edina Behić, and the experiences during the realization of the pilot project in the Municipality of Gradačac were presented. It was emphasized that the Norwegian project provided funds for the continuation of the development of a Digital Archive system and the first step would be to involve local self-government units into the process. Work will also be done on integration with other systems. Training and capacity building for the realization of these activities will be ensured through the CILAP project.

The seminar was completed with a brief discussion and conclusions on the importance of these three projects for both to the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs as well as to the local self-government units in Federation of BiH.

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