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Presentation of draft communication strategies

01.06.2014 14:05

Workshop on subcomponents 1 and 2: Institutional strengthening and human resources development.
In period 27-29.05.2014, workshop on „Support in developing of communication strategy and communication plan for geodetic authorities“ is held in Trebinje.

The workshop is led by Lantmäteriet’s expert Lennart Wastesson.
Goal for the workshop was review and presentation of draft Communication policies and strategies for both GA.
After review of both drafts, expert from Lantmäteriet's during the workshop gave his comments on drafts of communication strategies. Members of the working group were given questions to consider relating to future steps. An example of the Action Plan is presented by expert and communications policy has been considered.

During the third day of the workshop presentation of the draft communication strategy was given to management of both administrations. The management of both administrations recognized the importance of communication and its use in the administrative and business processes on daily basis within the Administration and with public users. Therefore, decision on the next steps and action plans to develop final communication strategies and future communication plans will be made.

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