Meeting in the Herzegovina- Neretva Canton Government - Federal Geodetic Administration

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Meeting in the Herzegovina- Neretva Canton Government

19.07.2019 13:02

A meeting between the Prime Minister of the Herzegovina- Neretva Canton Government Mr. Nevenko Herceg, Director of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs Mr. Željko Obradović and Director of the Cantonal Administration Mr. Ivan Lesko was held in premises of the Herzegovina- Neretva Canton Government on 19 July 2019.

Main topics of the meeting were activities in the land administration sector of the Herzegovina- Neretva Canton. The Real Estate Registration Project was especially pointed out, and it was implemented in five municipalities in this Canton (Mostar, Čapljina, Čitluk, Neum and Ravno). Main activities of this projects are harmonization between cadastral and land registry data.

The process of public display of survey data was also being initiated, which is being carried out in five municipalities of this area (Mostar, Stolac, Ravno, Neum and Prozor/Rama). It was discussed also about the address register, sales price register, digital archive and many other activities and its very important to point out the good cooperation with the Cantonal Geodetic Administration, cadastral offices and courts.

One of the topics were also the organization of the Regional Conference on Cadastre and Spatial Data Infrastructure in Neum on 4-6- September 2019 and Congress on Cadastre on 29-31 October also in Neum, with many local and regional guests and guests from European countries.

During the meeting was expressed great satisfaction with the results of realized projects from the land administration sector in the Herzegovina- Neretva Canton, which are the result of a professional approach and a high level of cooperation at all levels of government.

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