MEETING IN PROZOR-RAMA MUNICIPALITY - Federal Geodetic Administration

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30.10.2018 12:32

The joint meeting of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs representatives, representatives of the Cantonal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs and representatives of the Rama Municipality was held on 29 October 2018. Main topic of this meeting was analysis of the current state of land administration in Prozor- Rama Municipality and agreement on priority activities.

Prozor- Rama Municipality includes 31 cadastral municipality and only in three cadastral municipalities a real estate cadastre was established. In the other part of the Municipality a census cadastre is active, and in cadastral municipality Prozor it was made cadastre of land established on a new survey. The activities of public display of data regarding survey and cadastral classification of land were already started in Prozor- Rama Municipality, and this is one of the priority activities. Finishing of data entry of the census cadastre in the database and enabling maintenance of census cadastre in the system is also one of the priorities in the municipal cadastre.

On the meeting participated Mr. Željko Obradović, director, Mr. Nedžad Pašalić, assistant director and Mr. Muris Ajanović, inspector- on behalf of the Federal Geodetic Administration, on behalf of the Cantonal Geodetic Administration Mr. Ivan Lesko, director and on behalf of the Municipality Dr. Jozo Ivančević, Mayor.

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