MEETING IN MUNICIPALITY GRUDE - Federal Geodetic Administration

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20.02.2023 14:02

A meeting between representatives of the Federal Geodetic Administration and Municipality Grude was held in Municipality’s premises on 17 February 2023. At the meeting participated Mr. Željko Obradović, Director, Mr. Sead Hadžić and Mr. Goran Brkić, Assistant Directors and Mr. Ljubo Grizelj, Mayor with his associates.

Topic of the meeting was analysis of current activities of the land administration sector in Municipality Grude.

The harmonization within the Real Estate Registration Project has been implemented in cadastral municipality Grude and the activities are currently carried out in cadastral municipality Donji Mamići. The public exhibition of data regarding survey and cadastral classification of land was successfully realized in 1 cadastral municipality Tihaljina, and public exhibition for three more cadastral municipalities ( Dragičina, Ružići I and Grude II) has been planned. Completion of the public exhibition will create the conditions for the Consolidation project in the areas of the cadastral municipalities Drinovci II, Gorica I, Gorica II and Sovići II. At the meeting participants also discussed on possibility of realization the Utility cadaster and Digital Archive.

At the end of the meeting it was expressed great satisfaction with the cooperation between Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs and Municipality Grude in the preparation and realization of projects and activities of the land administration sector.

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