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International Symposium - Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems

24.09.2018 23:02

Employee of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs Mr. Nikola Cvjetković participated on the International Symposium „Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems “(GGHS-2018) in Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark from 17 to 21 September 2018. The International Symposium was organised by DTU Space - Denmark's national space institute of the Technical University of Denmark. Main goal of this Symposium was to bring together experts from the geodesy, geophysics and space research who are dealing with observing and modelling the Earth's gravity field, height systems, gravimetric networks and modelling climatic and hydrological models. Symposium was organised through seven sessions:

  • Current and future satellite missions of the observations of Earth's gravity field
  • Modelling of the global gravity field
  • Modelling of the local/regional gravity field
  • Absolute, Relative and Airborne Gravity- observations and methods
  • Height systems and unification of the vertical date
  • Satellite altimetry and applications
  • Redistribution of the Earth’s mass and climate relative processes

A joint meeting with representatives of The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency and National Institute for Spatial Research was held during Symposium. On the meeting were presented activities of establishing modern geodetic infrastructure and geodetic dates implemented by Entity Geodetic Administrations of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conclusion of this meeting is that the establishment of modern geodetic dates represents fundamental basis for the Spatial Data Infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a good will for mutual cooperation in the future was also presented.

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