INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN SKOPJE - Federal Geodetic Administration

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14.10.2022 00:29

The International Conference about marking the Geodetic Administrations 95th anniversary and 75th anniversary of the first survey on the North Macedonia territory was held in Skopje, organized by the Real Estate Agency. The conference was attended by a large number of officials, representatives of various associations and cadastral agencies from Europe and region.

Director of the Real Estate Agency, Mr. Boris Tundzev opened the conference and emphasized the land administration sector history in the territory of North Macedonia, but also the results in the essential projects of the geodetic and cadastral sector. Mr. Dimitar Kovachevski, Prime Minister of the Government of North Macedonia was also addressed the attendees and emphasized the importance of the Real Estate Agency and its role in the overall state system.

At the Conference was also held the working part in which representatives of the Real Estate Agency of North Macedonia and representatives of certain European cadastral and cartographic agencies, Eurogeographics, UNGGIM, CLGE, Sida, WB, JICA and others took part. It was a great opportunity to present the benefits of the realized projects and those currently being realized in the territory of North Macedonia.

Mr. Željko Obradović, Director of the Federal Geodetic Administration attended the Conference on behalf of the Administration.

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