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15.05.2019 19:38

The extraordinary EuroGeographics General Assembly was held in Leuven, Belgium on 14 - 15 May 2019. On this occasion, over 70 delegates from more than 40 agencies from different European countries participated.

This form of gathering gave an opportunity to the members to gain an insight into the financial accounts of the Association, decide about the new members of the Association and learn more about the knowledge exchange network that EuroGeographics developing. All members had an opportunity to actively discuss on various topics, while the discussions focused on the products and services that EuroGeographics is developing and offering to potential clients, and cases of using that were presented from the user’s viewpoint.

Special attention on this year's General Assembly was devoted to the consideration and presentation of the OpenELS Project, presentation of the value and relevant benefits that EuroGeographics continues to provide to all member agencies, the activities of the network for knowledge exchange ( KEN), a review of the main business issues that will be presented at the forthcoming General Assembly in 2019.

On this occasion, the EuroGeographics members voted for adoption of final financial accounts of the 2018 and will be registered in the competent Belgian Court.

The extraordinary EuroGeographics General Assembly was attended by Mr. Denis Tabučić, on behalf of Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, which is a full member of this Association. The next regular Annual Assembly with the participation of general directors of all agencies will be held in October 2019 in Manchester (United Kingdom).

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