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Eurogeographics General Assembly

19.05.2021 13:26

The Eurogeographics General Assembly was held on 17 and 18 May 2021 via electronic communication channels. On the General Assembly participated over 70 delegates from 50 agencies and on behalf of the Federal Administration or Geodetic and Real Property Affairs participated Mr. Zeljko Obradovic, Director and Mr. Denis Tabucic, Assistant Director.

This alternative way of communication and gathering, however, provided the insight into financial accounts and knowledge exchange network, which Eurogeographics runs and develops for different business units. The participants also discussed about working of geodetic administrations under the circumstances caused by Covid-19 pandemic, as well as Eurogeographics current and future projects.

During this year’s General Assembly members discussed following topics, voting necessary for the formal business was also conducted through the electronic communication channels.

  1. The Management Board’s report
  2. Approval of 2020 year accounts and dismissal of the administrator
  3. Approval of the revised budget for 2021
  4. Approval of the membership subscriptions for 2022-2026
  5. Election of the Management Board members

Considering the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs will host the EuroGeographics General Assembly 2022, Director Mr. Željko Obradović held a presentation regarding this important event for European geospatial community.

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