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15.10.2019 13:52

The EuroGeographics General Assembly was held in Manchester, UK from 7 to 10 October 2019. Host of this year’s General Assembly was the National Mapping Agency of UK, Ordnance Survey in cooperation with Land Register of UK and Land Register of Scotland. Mr. Steve Blair, the Ordnance Survey Director and Mr. Colin Bray, the EuroGeographics President opened this General Assembly.

The EuroGeographics is unprofitable organization who gathers and represents national, cadastral and cartographic European agencies. The association gathers over 63 agencies as their members, from 46 countries from European region. At this Year’s Assembly was discussed about the Challenges, Changes and Opportunities beyond 2020: The National response, the International perspective and EuroGeographics response.It was also discussed about the business of association, the business balance for the previous year was adopted, about the operative plan and the EuroGeograpshics budget for 2020, it was made the election of new members of Steering Committee and a re-election of the President and the President will be Mr. Colin Bray.

Considering the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs will host the EuroGeographics General Assembly 2020, Director Mr. Željko Obradović held a presentation regarding this important event for European geospatial community, he presented the host country and its capital, the available accommodation and congress facilities scheduled for the next General Assembly, and invited members to attend and visit Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He emphasized that it is a great recognition and honor to organize such an event in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a unique opportunity to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina and its values.

On behalf of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs attended Director, Mr. Željko Obradović, Expert Adviser in Geoinformatics’ Sector, Mr. Denis Tabučić, and members of the organizing committee for the next General Assembly Mrs. Jelena Zelić and Mrs. Nina Tavra.

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