EUROGEOGRAPHICS 2016 GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Federal Geodetic Administration

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05.10.2016 11:43

From October 2nd - 4th, 2016 Annual EuroGeographics General Assembly, respectively non-profit organization that gathers and represents European National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities, was held in Budapest (Hungary). Eurogeographics has 60 agencies as its member from 46 countries. Within the Assembly a series of interesting presentations and lectures were held. Mr. Bengt Kjellson, general director of Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority has presented previous experience and expectations during implementation of IMPULSE project, respectively South-east Europe regional project which is funded by the Government of Kingdom of Sweden. Project main goal is to give support during establishment and development of Spatial Data Infrastructures of South-east Europe countries following INSPIRE Directive of the European Union. Also, it is important to mention a round table where themes regarding role of new technologies in cadastral agencies, future and the role of the cadastre in the creation and distribution of geospatial information and sharing knowledge were discussed.

During the Assembly a new election of Eurogeographics Steering Committee members was conducted. In the next two years, as a member of Steering Committee will be Mr. Darko Vučetić, representative of Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia.

On the third day of session inaugural Assembly of UNGG's (European Regional Committee of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management) was held. The task of this body will be working at the global and regional levels in order to improve the management of geoinformation. The assembly was attended by Mr. Željko Obradović, director of Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, which is an active member of Eurogeographics and UNGG.

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