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Development of Human Resources

05.04.2019 13:36

In accordance with the planned activities of CILAP project, a workshop with an aim to continue HR capacity building work by supporting the implementation of HR strategies of both geodetic authorities was held in Mostar, April 2-4, 2019.

This was the first workshop organized in close cooperation of CILAP and the Norwegian donor project in order to ensure the sustainability of the results achieved so far in the HR area. The workshop was led by experts from the Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket), Hans Petter Karlsen, HR Director, and Anne Kristin Frivold, HR Advisor.

Experts held presentations on Kartverket and HR position within Kartverket, on six paradoxes facting HR, strategic competence management method, Kartverket experiences and conflict management.

The joint practical work of the geodetic authorities’ representatives included the presentation and evaluation of the current state of HR through the six paradoxes and the exercise for strategic competence management.

The synergy of CILAP and the Norwegian donor project proved to be extremely beneficial, and the engagement of Norwegian experts has allowed geodetic authorities to, together with Swedish, consider also the Norwegian experiences. It is a common conclusion that this kind of cooperation should be further developed in all other areas where CILAP and the Norwegian donor project support the improvement of land administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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