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Continued training of a group of experts for project management

02.06.2014 14:05

In accordance with the planned activities of the CILAP project for a period 27-29.05.2014, the third workshop on „Project Management“ was held in Trebinje.

The workshop was conducted by expert from Lantmäteriet , Kent Nilsson, Senior Technical Advisor at the International Services of Lantmäteriet.

This was the third training on project management. Activities on improving the knowledge of a group of experts from the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic Authority for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs of Republic of Srpska for managing of complex projects within the administration were continued. During the workshop, experts worked with the standard forms (templates) and procedures defined by the project model PPS, which is in use at Lantmäteriet.

During the workshop it was discussed about the examples of Project plans for a new or needed project for each authority, using the PPS model template. Mr Nilsson presented an influence and consequences and ways for change management, budget creation and risk management. Introduction on project tools for project management and working in projects is performed.

Experts from both authorities practiced preparation of project documents defined by model and usage of project tools.

It was concluded that the training in project management is needed in order to improve project implementation processes. Also, the possibility to engage at least one employee in both authorities to work on these issues should be considered.

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