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“Conflict Management“ Workshop

05.05.2015 15:26

In line with the activities planned under the CILAP Project, a workshop titled “Conflict Management” was held on 3-5 May 2015 in Neum.

The workshop was a follow-up to the work on management policies with the managers of both geodetic administrations.

In addition to Mme Marie Lyxell Stalnacke, Director of HR Department at Lantmäteriet, Mme Elisabet Lewis, who has several years of experience in managing conflicts in the same department, also took part in the workshop in the capacity of a lecturer.

Conflict management is a planning process for how to avoid conflict when possible and how to resolve conflict in an effective and quick way when it occurs. To this end, the following topics were addressed:

  • Different types of dialogues – requirements for creating an effective dialogue
  • Important cognizance of matters related to “conflicts” and “conflict management”
  • Differences between “competing” and “conflict”
  • Common causes of conflict, types and tools for its prevention through a constructive approach
  • Conflicts among individuals
  • Conflicts among groups of people
  • Conflicts within a group of people
  • Management procedures and skills.

The ways to recognize and resolve a conflict among people, in order for it not to become serious enough to prevent cooperation and development, were presented in the workshop. All members of any organization need to have conflict resolution methods and a way in which they can reduce conflicts to a minimum, ways to resolve issues caused by conflicts, in order to prevent conflict from becoming a serious obstacle to work.

The next steps were planned and the linkages to the last workshop held in Mostar on the topic of „Human Resources Strategy“ were established on the last day of the workshop.

A joint meeting of the representatives of the entity-level administrations was held as part of the workshop. Activities under the follow-up to the CILAP Project (2016 – 2019) were discussed in this meeting. The bases for all activities were defined. Additionally, a separate workshop will be organized (13-14 May 2015) to finalize all activities for the follow-up to the CILAP Project with the help of the Swedish experts.

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