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„Common Vision Conference 2016“

07.06.2016 20:35

The first conference entitled "Common Vision Conference 2016" was held in Amsterdam (Netherlands) during June 06 and 07, 2016. The conference theme was "Migration to a smart world". The conference was organized by the Dutch Cadastre in cooperation with Eurogeographics, CLGE, ELRA, PCC and EULIS. Within five sessions the main challenges of land administration sector in Europe were presented. Interoperability of data and possibilities of open-free data provided to users were most discussed. The European Union has already adopted a series of strategic initiatives, documents and directives which are basis of high-quality exchange of data and cadastral agencies are aware of their role and cooperation with other sectors in the creation and exchange of geographic data. Special attention is given to the ELF (European location framework) of European Union project whose holder is Eurogeographics and partners of this project are the academic community, the private sector, cadastre and mapping agencies. By the invitation of the organizer the Conference was attended by Mr. Željko Obradović, director of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real-Property Affairs.

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