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01.02.2018 14:00

A regular annual meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project “Capacity Building for Improvement of Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina”– CILAP was held in Mostar on January 31st, 2018 .

The Steering Committee meeting was attended by:

  • Mr. Peter Wasström, head of International Services Department in the Lantmäteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastre and land registration authority)
  • Mr. Željko Obradović, director of the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs
  • Ms. Anđa Zimić, CILAP project director
  • Mr. Helge Onsrud, Head of International department in the Kartverket (the Norwegian Mapping Agency),
  • Ms. Maria Lodin, manager of the Norwegian donor project in BiH
  • Ms. Marie Bergstrom, counselor and a representative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden
  • Mr. Nedim Bukvić, the officer responsible for CILAP project
  • Mr. Denis Tabučić, CILAP project coordinator for FBiH
  • Mr. Stojan Jungić, CILAP project coordinator for RS
  • Darko Mišković, the Norwegian project coordinator for RS and the PIU RERP project leader for RS
  • Mr. Nedžad Pašalić, FGA director assistant  and head of PIU RERP project for FBiH

The Steering Committee meeting started with the presentation of Annual Progress Report for Year 2017 that was given by Ms. Andja Zimić and continued by Mr. Denis Tabučić, showing the most significant results under the each project component. The presentation initiated fruitful discussion among all participants providing many useful comments and ideas how to further increase project positive influence on entire land administration community and citizens of BiH.

During the Steering Committee, plans for implementing the activities during Year 2018 were also considered, and it was decided that the next meeting will be held on January 31st, 2019 in Trebinje.

All participants expressed their great satisfaction with the implementation and results of the CILAP project and concluded that the support that project provides is very important not only for the development of geodetic authorities as direct beneficiaries, but also for the improvement of entire land administration sector in BiH. Project activities will contribute to economic and social development, sustainable real estate market, sustainable land use, and the accession of the EU what is the overall development objective of the project.

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