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Assembly of Geodetic society of Herceg-Bosnia

28.06.2021 12:38

The Assembly of Geodetic Society of Herceg-Bosnia was held in Kupres on 25-27 June 2021. On the Assembly participated representatives of the Federal Administration of Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, Mr. Zeljko Obradovic, Director, and Mr. Sead Hadzic, Assistant Director.

Director of the Federal Geodetic Administration, Mr. Zeljko Obradovic presented actualities in FGA, the achieved results within projects and planned activities as well. After that presentation, Mr. Sead Hadzic presented draft Law on maintaining survey and real estate cadaster.

As a part of the presentations, a discussion was held in order to clarify the process and adequate application of laws and bylaws related to changes in cadastral evidence.

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