IMPULSE - Federal Geodetic Administration

Knowledge transfer to agencies in charge of coordinating the implementation process of the national Spatial Data Infrastructures in the region of the Western Balkan - IMPULSE project (2014-2019)

The Western Balkan region has certain similarities and differences arised from various historical periods (the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, etc.). In particular, should pay attention to the last period after the fall of Communist Parties, and to the period devoted to the processes aimed at full membership in the European Union.

So we can enumerate the similarities of countries of the Western Balkans:

- Changes in economic and social systems

- The increasing real estate market

- Activities on land administration reform

- Reorganization of the institutions

- Lack of personnel and capacities

- Establishment of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) are mainly in the competence of the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies and Administrations

- The majority has the legal instruments or framework documents defining the strategy and development of IPP

- Lack of knowledge about processes and procedures for the establishment and implementation of IPP, and the way to resolve them.

Just IMPULSE project aims to transfer knowledge about processes and procedures that are necessary for the establishment and implementation of IPP, organizations responsible for the establishment and implementation of national spatial data infrastructure in the countries of the Western Balkan region. Due to the fact that different organizations have different levels of development in the field of SDI , IMPULSE project coordinates its activities according to their needs. The project managed by the Lantmäteriet (The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority) as a main partner and State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatian as a junior partner. The project is  financed by SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and Lantmäteriet.

The main objectives of the IMPULSE project are:

1. Sufficient level of knowledge for the establishment and implementation of IPP, based on the INSPIRE Directive.

2. Efficient organization and business processes necessary for the development of IPP

3. Creating interoperable technical solutions (e.g. software, services etc.) enabling exchanging of spatial data at national and regional level as well as with EU

4. Assistance in developing IPP strategies

5. The joint working plan, defining the ways of working, ways of maintaining spatial data, involvement of IPP subjects - stakeholders (the organizations responsible for specific sets of data according to the INSPIRE), the development of specifications compliant with the INSPIRE directive and the like.

6. Achieving all the necessary competences needed to the establishment and maintenance of IPP.

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Use case 1

In the period 2014-2016, in the framework of the project, we worked on training staff of the geodetic administrations in the field:

1. Legal regulations (copyright, licensing, writing national and regional arrangements for the sharing of data, etc.)

2. Harmonization of spatial data (defining the reference frame and projection, and the harmonization of existing data sets in accordance to the INSPIRE Directive and specifications)

3. Metadata and data quality (creation and maintenance of metadata for selected four sets of spatial data and services - in accordance to the INSPIRE Directive and specifications)

4. Dissemination of spatial data (using WMS, WFS, CMS for data distribution)

5. Cooperation with IPP subjects – stakeholders (institutions that own spatial data) and with users of IPP (institutions and individuals which use spatial data), for the purpose of the implementation of the pilot project.

All Geodetic Administrations of the Western Balkans endorsed the pilot project that will creating geoportal SDI, and thus help Administrations of Civil Protection (Risk Management). The first step in the implementation of the pilot project is Use case 1. In this step is done the following:

- Signed the Regional agreement on sharing four sets of data for the IMPULSE project

- Harmonized following sets of data: administrative boundaries, geographic names, digital terrain model and orthophoto maps scale 1: 5000

- It is enabled editing metadata for data sets and services

- It is possible, by using services of Geodetic Administration, discovery, view and download the specified data sets.

The completion of Use case 1 is scheduled in the autumn (October) 2016. After that, next step in the implementation of the pilot project is Use case 2. The plan is to involve other IPP subjects - stakeholders that are responsible for following data sets - topics (in accordance to the INSPIRE): hydrography, transport (roads and railways) and demographics.

Within the scope of IMPULS project following data sets have been created and published via OGC services:

-          Administrative boundaries (state, entity, cantonal, municipal)

-          Digital orthophoto maps (scale 1: 5000)

-          Digital Terrain Model (resolution 5 m) and

-          Geographical names

In order to exchange and share data, it is possible, for all beneficiary institutions of IMPULSE project to search metadata catalog and use services.