Contacts - Federal Geodetic Administration



Obradović Željko, grad.eng. of geodesy 033/215-304

The Secretary of Administration

Suša Jasminka, Law graduate 033/586-057

Director's Cabinet

Marić Nina, Master of Communication tel: 033/201-784
fax: 033/586-056
Krajina Dijana tel: 033/586-058
fax: 033/586-056
Kuzman Niko, grad. of economy 033/586-058
Tavra Petar, Driver 033/586-058  

The Sector for Surveying, Cartography and Land Commassation

Hadžić Sead grad.eng. of geodesy
Assistant Director
Abaza Hasumana grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-069 Slobodanka Ključanin, grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-069
Valentino Vlašić, grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-069
Holjan Elvir, Master of Geodesy and Geoinformatics 033/586-079

The Sector for the Cadastre

Hadžić Sead grad.eng. of geodesy
Assistant Director
Džananović Zijad grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-079
Muris Ajanović grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-079
Zubetljak Mahira grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-079
Kamber Emina, grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-068
Jelena Džoja Ilijašević, eng. of geodesy 033/586-068

The Sector for Geoinformatics

Pašalić Nedžad grad.eng. of geodesy
Assistant Director
Babić Amira grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-065
Trogrlić Goran grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-065
Kaljun Hajrudin grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-065
Redžepagić Ervin grad.eng. of geodesy 033/586-065

The Sector for Real Property and General Affairs

Brkić Goran, Law graduate
Assistant Director
Bosić Nebojša, Law graduate 033/586-061
Tomislav Slomo, Law graduate 033/586-061
Zlatan Bajramović, Law graduate 033/586-061
Slađana Loznačić, Law graduate 033/586-061
Alma Ajnadžić – Office 033/586-062
Robertina Marković - Office 033/586-062
Adnan Bukva - Office 033/586-062  

Sector for management of public investment program projects

Denis Tabučić grad.eng. of geodesy
Assistant Director
Jelena Zelić, Law graduate 033/712-616
Ćatić Jasmin, Master of Geodesy and Geoinformatics 033/712-616
Real estate registration project 033/586-063
CILAP project 033/586-068