CILAP - Federal Geodetic Administration

The “Capacity Building for Improvement of Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina” – CILAP project, is a long term project aimed to build capacity and transfer knowledge with the overall objective to increase the effectiveness and reliability of land administration processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH). The CILAP project was planned and approved with a goal to support geodetic authorities (GA) in BH during the whole implementation period of Real Estate Registration Project (RERP), 2013-2018 which is implemented under the Financing Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Development Association.

The second phase of the CILAP project, with detailed description of forthcoming activities for April 2016 - December 2019, is aligned to the new Swedish strategy “Results strategy for Sweden’s reform cooperation with Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey 2014-2020”. The strategy was accepted by the Swedish government in 2014 and continues to focus on strengthening of public administration with a goal to support development of more efficient public administration and delivery of higher quality public services, based on principles of non-discrimination and equal rights with less corruption. The objectives for the continuation of the CILAP project is in line with and relevant for achieving the objectives of the new strategy.

The project objectives for CILAP 2 remain the same as CILAP 1. The project contributes to the expected long- term impact:

  • By efficient land administration, contribute to economic and social development, sustainable market and usage of real estates, and BH accession to EU.

The capacity development focus of the project is expected to lead to sustainable changes in practices among the project partners RGA and FGA. The project main goal is:

  • Make the Land Administration system more efficient, secure and reliable.

In order to reach the project goal, a process of identification of the key components that need to be in place for the GA to operate more efficiently, secure and reliable was undertaken as part of the original project design. It resulted in a prioritization of strategic project components. The CILAP April 2016 - December 2019 will contain six (6) components:

  1. Support to the strengthening of land administration organizations, development of human resources, relevant legal framework and project management
  2. Support to the Establishment of Address register,
  3. Support to the Establishment of Sales Price Register,
  4. Support to the Development of Geodetic Infrastructure,
  5. Support to the Development of ICT and Geoinformatic’s system,
  6. Support to the Establishment of digital archive, its integration in the business processes and usage in daily operations,

All the information concerning CILAP Project you can find on the official web site